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  Do you:

  • Want your kids to 💖 music as much as you do?
  • Love to share musical stories and experiences with your grandchildren?
  • Want to help your child connect with an instrument?

Music is our Passion!

We create stories that make classical music FUN!


Our mission at Musically Ever After Publications is to create books that introduce instruments to kids in a fun and engaging way.

‘Just Right’ Products

The Goldilocks Quartet

Join Goldilocks as she explores the Bears musical house.

Join Goldilocks as she explores the Bears’ musical home, learning about string instruments and the magic of music. 

Available in Paperback and Hardcover.

The Goldilocks Live Performance

The Opus 76 Quartet and actress Candace Neal (also our intrepid illustrator) perform an incredible live performance of The Goldilocks Quartet. 

Available with The Bear Essentials Bundle or sold separately.


The Bear Essentials Bundle

Just in time for the holidays! Receive the paperback copy of The Goldilocks Quartet, a rare, live performance of the story by the Opus 76 Quartet, and a set of coloring pages, 


…A wonderful entrance door for children to the beautiful world of string quartet… There should be many more books of its kind!

Eckart Runge, Founding Cellist, Artemis Quartet

What a great story. I LOVED the musical choices!

Dr. Lani Hamilton, Asst. Professor of Music Education, UMKC

I loved it! I couldn't put it down!



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